Cuarteto del Sur

Latin American jazz and world fusion. Traditional and contemporary music from throughout Latin America, as well as original compositions by members of the quartet



Carlos & Carlos 

Carlos & Carlos is an acoustic guitar duo that performs an array of traditional and contemporary Latin American styles, incorporating different techniques and sensibilities from Mexican, Brazilian, Afro-Peruvian, Andean, and Afro-Caribbean traditions, among others. The duo’s main goal is to explore contemporary pan-Latino sonorities as well as their many intersections with other styles/rhythms from around the world.


T’ika (‘Flower’ in Quechua language) is an acoustic duo consisting in Haigiong Deng (China- zheng) and Carlos Odria (Peru - guitar). The duo performs original compositions inspired in the natural sceneries of the state of Florida (US). Through a process that involves deep contemplation, reflection, and emotional interpretation of the colors, textures, vibrations, and movements that shape Florida’s landscape, the T’ika Duo elaborates sonic narratives that are also influenced by the various traditional musics of China and South America. This is their first collaboration recorded in the year 2013 by Derek Jones at the Florida State University's College of Music.

Haigiong Deng, zheng

Carlos Odria, guitar


The Florida State University Andean Ensemble

Known as "Aconcagua," after the tallest mountain in the Andes, this ensemble performs music from the many traditions of the South American region. Musicians are Florida State University's students of beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Carlos Odria, director, arranger, guitarist


Intercultural music ensemble

Omnimusica's composition draw from a large musical palette that forges a syncretic blend of everything from salsa, jazz, funk, soul, and classical to calypso, Bollywood, raga, flamenco, klezmer, and Bulgarian gypsy wedding band music.


Michael Bakan, director, percussionist

Katelyn Best, vocals

Mia Gormandy, steel pan

Andrew Stanley, sax

David Coob, bass

Waldron Dunkley, trombon

Carlos Odria, guitar


Ashrei (2014)

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The Barkless Dawgs Trio

A Miami-based trio that features an instrumental mix of flamenco, Latin jazz, americana, and world beat acoustic music. The trio perform mostly original compositions and a few select covers.

Steve Kornicks, percussion

George Parrot, steel string guitar

Carlos Odria, nylon string guitar

Dawgs Treats (2010)

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IThe Carlos Odria Trio

Latin and word jazz grooves. Featuring original compositions and standards.